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Unit 21 Rifle Coues Whitetail: Hunt Overview

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Unit 21 is located just North of The Valley and borders Interstate-17 to the West and the Verde River to the East. The mountainous terrain primarily includes habitat within the high Sonoran Desert, grassland, scrub oak, and pinyon-juniper zones. Canyons and drainages are often densely vegetated with high grasses, scrub oaks, manzanita, and other plants providing great Coues bedding and feeding locations. With ideal terrain, topography, and climate unit 21 has widespread Coues Whitetail populations. The unit has many perennial water sources ranging from small springs to large flowing creeks. Cattle water sources also provide year-long water to wildlife. Within the unit are the Cedar Bench Wilderness, Pine Mountain Wilderness, and portions of the Mazatzal Wilderness. The topography and plant life within unit 21 similarly mirror portions of neighboring Coues deer units 6A and 22.

*Check out our Deer Hunt Application Picks page for info on our preferred draw choices for the year.*

What does it take to draw Coues deer tag?

The general season Coues Whitetail deer hunts occur in late October and November. These hunts run for 7-days from Friday to Thursday. A third, December rifle season is restricted to far fewer tags and provides a multi-week hunt. With ample tag numbers for both general season hunts, unit 21 has high draw odds for both non-resident and residents alike. First-season hunt draw odds are approximately 25%, while second and third season hunts are 30% and 1.2% respectively for residents with zero bonus points. The third season tag is an 8-9 point hunt to secure. Likewise for non-residents draw odds were roughly the same for Coues deer tags. The unit 21 hunts offer another options for easy-to-draw Coues Whitetail tags and opportunity to hunt the challenging mountain Coues bucks of Arizona.

How does unit 21 compare to other Coues Whitetail opportunities?

Based on our assessment of quality, age-class, and opportunity both the first and second unit 21 hunts would be considered "Mid-tier." Mid-tier hunts can be expected to have species representative or better bucks. The December hunt during the pre-rut timeframe, with longer season dates, and less tags would be a "Trophy" hunt. This late season option has a better than average opportunity to kill a 100" or better deer.

If you would like more information or have drawn a tag and would like to book a hunt with us, look at the Coues Whitetail species page or contact Dillon Currie at (623) 606-3364 or

The Arizona Draw Deadline for deer is the second Tuesday in June, annually.

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