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Arizona Mountain Lion Hunting


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** Limited Bookings Available **

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Illusive, elegant, predators, the mountain lion or cougar is a species rarely encountered by most sportsmen despite their thriving population. The furtive species is one of the most intelligent wild hunters, living in the rugged Arizona landscape. The use of specially trained hounds allows for the greatest level of efficacy when pursuing this species. These highly trained animals assist in locating mature male cats, a feat unattainable by any other method because of the lions' stealthy and secretive behavior.  These dogs were born to chase cats  and are energetic professionals of their craft.



Fully Outfitted
5 Days, 1x1, $6500

All mountain lion hunts are conducted on mostly dry ground, using trained hounds to responsibly take ONLY male cats. Although the take of female lions is legal, hunters are expected to strictly adhere to CHASE’N THE KING's  “Tom-Only” policy. Lion hunts are "fully outfitted" with one guide and one hunter. Mountain lion hunters are responsible for their weapon, tag, license, all personal items, and clothing needed for this hunt. Licenses may be purchased through the AZGFD website. Tags may be purchased at any department office or tag retailer.

Lion hunts are a maximum of 5-days in length. Hunts include meals, non-alcoholic drinks, lodging, transportation in the field during the hunt, field care of game, and game preparation for delivery to a processing facility.


Arizona Mountain Lion Hunts

Similar to Arizona black bears, mountain lions are strictly managed in the state. Mandatory harvest reporting is required. The state is broken into several geographic zones A through P comprised of multiple Game Management Units. Each Zone has its own annual mountain lion harvest limit. Unlike bears, this limit is not a Female Harvest Limit. It is instead a Total Harvest Threshold. Hunters can call 1(877) 438-0447 to report their lion harvest and check which mountain lion hunting zones have reached their quota. The take of (1) mountain lion is allowed per calendar year.

Arizona Mountain Lion Season

Arizona mountain lion season run from late August to the end of May depending upon the annual harvest threshold within the zone and if that particular zone is still open to hunting. Seasons are structured to ensure the longevity and heath of the species statewide. Seasons are closed at sundown the Wednesday immediately following the harvest threshold being met.

Arizona Mountain Lion Habitat

Mountain lions are a multi-continental species spanning areas from the edge of the Yukon to the tip of Argentina. In the state they reside in every unit, region, and ecotype. Anywhere prey species can be found, Arizona mountain lion habitat is found. This includes everything from the most rugged sections of wilderness right up to the urban interface. The species ability to inhabit and thrive in a variety of landscapes and their very real impact on management of other species is one factor contributing to the necessity of large cat management.

Hunting Mountain Lions with Hounds

Hounds are often controversial. This is primarily due to the general lack of factual information known about hound hunting from the general public and hunters alike. The use of dogs is a time honored tradition and for good reason. The dogs and owners love what they do and It has long since been the most efficient and effective way to catch and manage many species including mountain lions. One of the major advantages of hunting mountain lions with hounds is the ability of the houndsmen and  hunter to selectively harvest a specific animal. When a cat is treed the hunter and houndsmen can easily determine the sex of the animal, estimate the animals rough size, age, and body condition. If a female with young is caught, the dogs can be pulled out and the cat freed without any stress or harm coming to the lion or its offspring. It could be analogous to catch and release fishing, but for large predators. Ultimately the primary goal is to use specially trained and bred hounds to selectively take only male cats, those that would be considered a surplus to the population. All while ensuring the safety of the dogs, hunter, and the effect and important management of the species. 

Buy an Arizona Mountain Lion Tag

Mountain lion Over-The-Counter tags are available at any authorized tag dealer. Tag dealers include all Arizona Game and Fish Department offices and most stores with a sporting goods department. Both resident and non-resident hunting licenses may be purchased online through the AZGFD

Hunt Info


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Hunting season awaits! Arizona Mountain Lion hunts are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you want to hunt the best seasons and areas, get signed up early. Upon booking a 50% deposit is required to hold your upcoming hunt spot. Mountain Lion hunting spots are limited. For further information on season dates, openings, and pricing contact us.

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