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Vocal giants, Arizona elk hunting is unrivaled. Arizona bull elk hunts offer the most unique big game hunting experience of all. They are the most idolized species of the intermountain West for good reason. Arizona is the top state for trophy quality bull elk hunting. CHASE'N THE KING's elk guides specialize in Arizona elk hunting during early archery, muzzleloader, and rifle seasons throughout the state and during every season. Whether you are calling bulls into close quarters in the early season or glassing from a canyon edge on a crisp late season morning, our elk hunting mission is to also put on a professional and memorable hunt showcasing the species. First class camps, high quality food, and determined guides are the norm. 



Guide Only

Silver package Elk hunts include ONLY a CTK fully Licensed and permitted Arizona Elk guide, transportation while hunting, and field care of game.


"Guide Only" Elk hunters are responsible for providing their own lodging and meals suited for their respective hunt conditions. If camping your guide will coordinate the appropriate location.


Additionally, hunters are responsible for their weapon, tag, license, all personal items, and clothing needed for this hunt.

Dedicated videographer and additional spotters are available as an improved hunt option. All other aspects and details of the hunt would fall under the Gold Package.


5 Day, 1X1 3000

5 Day, 2X1 2250

7 Day, 1X1 3500

7 Day, 2X1 2750

10 Days, 1X1 4500

10 Days, 2X1 3500


Fully Outfitted

Gold package Elk hunts are "Fully Outfitted." A CHASE'N THE KING fully Licensed and permitted Arizona Elk guide, all meals, non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, lodging, field care of game, camp equipment, and all other items necessary for outfitting this hunt will be provided. Fully outfitted options are typically the best value and provide the best hunter experience.


Elk hunters are responsible for their weapon, tag, license, all personal items, and clothing needed for this hunt. 


Improved hunt options include: a dedicated camp cook, additional spotters, and a dedicated videographer.


5 Days, 1x1 3500

5 Days, 2x1 2750

7 Days, 1X1 4000

7 Days, 2X1 3250

10 Days, 1X1 5000

10 Days, 2X1 4000



Arizona Elk Hunts

Our elk herd is the direct result of hunter-conservationists in the early 1900’s. From Yellowstone National Park in 1913, 83 elk were transplanted into Cabin Draw near Chevelon Canyon in North Eastern Arizona. These elk along with subsequent transplants in the 1920’s grew to establish our current world-renown population. A truly awe inspiring animal, Arizona Bull Elk hunting offers incredible trophy potential with unrivaled landscapes and hunting experiences.

Arizona Elk Habitat

Arizona’s Elk range across much of the Northern high country. Most Elk habitat runs from South East to North West their habitat encompasses the White Mountains, Mogollon Rim, Sierra Ancha Mountains, Mazatzal Mountains, Verde Rim, Anderson Mesa, and San Francisco Volcanic Field, up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. With a wide variety of topography and habitat structure Arizona Elk Hunting is unique to the world. Our primary habitat ranges from 10,000+ feet in elevation to roughly 5000 feet. The chaparral and ponderosa forests compose most of the well know game management units.

The vast majority of Arizona Elk habitat is a part of the National Forest system. The public lands of the Apache-Sitgrieves, Tonto, Coconino, Prescott, and South Kaibab National Forests encompass the worlds greatest elk-hunting region. Public lands are unique to the West and access rights as well as unparalleled ruggedness of the area leads to old age class elk. The healthy populations are allowed to grow old, facing mild winters and great feed, Arizona’s bull elk grow larger than anywhere else.

Early Season Arizona Elk Hunts

The most exciting and active hunts of the year take place during the annual Elk rut of mid-September and early October. Arizona Archery Elk Season takes up a two-week section of this time. Following the archery season a one-week Trophy Rifle or Muzzle Loader hunt runs during the prime time of the Elk rut. The rut of Arizona’s Elk is unlike any other game species. Bulls are highly vocal and responsive. Much of our early season techniques are oriented around calling and glassing of large old age class bulls. It is a rush like no other to call in a screaming bull elk to mere feet in the quest to down a giant of the high country. Early Season Arizona Bull Elk hunts are highly sought after with low tag numbers, offering trophy potential in every Game Management Unit.

Late Season Arizona Elk Hunts

The Late Season offers far more Draw-Potential than early season hunts. Arizona late Elk Hunts take place from mid-November to mid-December. These November rifle tags are regarded as the General Season hunts. Many units have higher tag numbers when compare to the early hunts. Late season archery tags in November offer easy-to-draw hunts but are difficult capitalize on. With much greater success the November/December General Rifle Tags are a great opportunity to hunt winter bull Elk. During the late season bull Elk move off into sanctuary zones. These safe areas typically revolve around steep and rugged country. Long range glassing and good physical shape are a requirement for any late hunt to be successful.

Arizona Elk Hunt Length

Arizona Rifle Elk hunts and Muzzleloader Elk hunts are typically 7-days in length. Archery Elk Hunts are 14-days in length. Duration and season date will vary based on which hunt is applied for and drawn.

The Arizona Elk Draw

Arizona Bull Elk Tags must be applied for and drawn through the AZGFD Fall Draw. The AZ elk draw takes place annually the second Tuesday of February. The application deadline is February 11th, 2020, don't miss out! Check out our blog post Arizona Elk Hunt Draw: What Should I Apply For? detailing the four most common elk seasons. If you plan on booking a hunt with us make sure to contact us prior to the draw and we will walk you through the process and provide our top hunt choices for your individual application. Additional information on the draw process a be found by reading our detailed breakdown Understand the Arizona Big Game Draw and Application Process.

Arizona Elk Hunting Videos

Watch past seasons from our elk hunting adventures on our Hunt Videos page.

Elk tags are available through the AZGFD Fall Drawing. Hunts are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you want to hunt the best seasons and areas, talk with us early to go over the application and draw process. Upon booking a 50% deposit is required to hold your upcoming hunt spot. For information on season dates, openings, and pricing contact us at (623) 606-3364 or Email if messaging us below, please specify which species and hunt you are interested in.


Arizona Elk Guides