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Challenge Yourself

Arizona's best kept deer hunting secret is our Over-The-Counter (OTC) Archery Deer hunts. Without the need to draw a tag, you can chase both Mule Deer and Coues Whitetail. Grab your bow and lets go hunt! Whether is spot-and-stalk, ground blinds, tree stands, or calling rutting bucks, there is a great opportunity to experience a new challenge.

Every timeframe, a unique experience. With archery dear seasons mid-August to mid-September, mid-December to the end of the year, and the full month of January. There is opportunity to hunt the velvet season and throughout the extent of the rut. 

We, at CHASE'N THE KING, would love to take you on your own OTC Archery Deer hunting adventure. Join us, in the Arizona desert or high country this season!

Arizona OTC archery mule deer 31
Arizona OTC archery Coues whitetail deer 5
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 28
Arizona OTC archery Coues whitetail deer 4
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 27
Arizona OTC archery Coues whitetail deer
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 10
Arizona OTC archery Coues whitetail deer 2
Unit 23  October rifle coues deer 1
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 3
Unit 23 late season rifle coues whitetai
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 24
Unit 23 late season rifle coues whitetai
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 30
Unit 23 late season rifle coues whitetai
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 25
Unit 6b coues whitetail
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 20
Unit 36B general season rifle Coues Whit
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 14
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 13
Arizona OTC archery Coues whitetail deer
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 9
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 21
Unit 21 rifle coues whitetail 2
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 19
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 18
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 15
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 12
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 1
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 11
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 7
Arizona OTC archery mule deer 2

OTC Deer Hunt Information

Our OTC deer hunts are primarily opportunity-type, focused on the overall experience of hunting either Coues Whitetail or Mule Deer in unique terrain and often using new techniques to most hunters. Anything archery related is inherently low when it comes to success rates but there are often plenty of opportunities to be successful. If you enjoy the adventure and a variety of hunt options, this is a the hunt for you!

5 Days, 1x1, (3750)/hunter

5 Days, 2x1, (3000)/hunter

Add OTC - Bear/Lion/Turkey, (1000)*

Add Draw - Javelina, (250)*

Resident License Fee, (37)

Non-Resident License Fee, (160)

Resident Deer Tag, (45)

Non-Resident Deer Tag, (300)

All "Fully Outfitted" hunts include meals, drinks, lodging, and transportation in the field during the hunt, field care of game, and game preparation for delivery to a processing facility.

AZ hunting license, tag fees, taxidermy, meat processing, and airport pick up and returns are not included unless otherwise stated in this contract. All hunts are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. To reserve the best spots, book early!


Please contact CHASE'N THE KING Owner, Dillon Currie, for further booking information and available dates. 




Phone: (623) 606-3364

As a result of the new OTC deer harvest quotas, January and late December hunts will primarily focus on Coues Whitetail, which has much higher harvest limits and less hunting pressure. Mule Deer limits are very low, in most units. Closures will effect these hunts, we do not anticipate having Mule Deer hunt options throughout January.


Flexibility is a requirement in all OTC hunt planning. In the unlikely event of total feasible unit closure, your booking may be rescheduled to the next available hunt dates, applied towards a draw-tag booking, or towards another species such as OTC Bear.


Non-Residents must acquire a tag before officially booking, if you're interested in a hunt and do not have a tag please get added to our tentative schedule for future seasons. Resident hunters are not subject to the new tag purchase cap and may still purchase tags for the 2023 through any licensed tag dealer or AZGFD office in-person.

Arizona OTC Deer Hunt Changes

Beginning in August of 2022, AZ will be implementing Unit and Species specific harvest limits for Over-The-Counter archery deer  seasons. These will be similar to the existing and proven Mountain Lion and Bear systems. This is not cause for alarm and should benefit the overall quality and hunt experience, especially longer term. Harvest count for the quota begins with the August season and rests after the conclusion of the January 31st season, beginning anew the following August.


Once a game management unit quota has been met it will close to hunting at sundown, the Wednesday immediately following, for the remainder of the season window. Harvest reporting will now be mandatory and limits will be updated weekly on AZGFD's website.

Be aware of the potential for units to close and how that may affect your select hunt. Just as with Black Bear or Lion, in the event we are unable to conduct your hunt due to unit season closures, your booking would roll to the next available and pragmatic dates or be applied towards an alternate booking. The later in the season a hunt is scheduled the more restricted unit opportunity selection may be. This will vary greatly dependent on primary species focus.

Non-resident must already have purchased a non-permit tag through AZGFD's new webpage, in order to book a 2023 hunt. 2890 tags have now sold out, no more non-resident tags will be made available for 2023. We anticipate tags for 2024 being made available for purchase on December 1st, 2023. Please make sure to have an AZGFD Portal set up and that you receive notifications by the department, regarding future changes and deadlines to OTC seasons, application deadlines, etc.


Visit for full details.

Archery Coues Whitetail Hunts

Coues Whitetail harvest limits are to be set at level that should offer ample archery Coues Deer hunting opportunities throughout all three season timeframes. Coues populations are strong in Arizona and the species provides the ultimate challenge to archery hunters willing to test their skills on one of the most wired, furtive, and aggressive Whitetail sub-species.


Early season ( August - September ) and late season ( January ) offer the best Coues hunting experiences in our opinion. Mid season ( December ) can offer a similar experience to the late season, with isolated rut activity.  


During the late Summer early Fall season bucks are effectively hunted in the rugged and remote high mountains and desert country by using ground blind or tree stands near isolated water sources. Bucks are often routine in their behavior this time of year. Spot-and-stalk techniques are used secondarily but may be highly effective under the correct circumstances.

The January Coues Deer rut sees these tactics reversed. Spot-and-stalk is often the first objective, using a spotter to guide you into the target animal, sometimes over very long distances. Sitting water or travel corridors may also be highly productive, particularly during dry winter periods where deer begin to habitually frequent water sources once again. Calling, rattling, and decoys can also provide some up close and personal encounters with rut crazed bucks.

If you would like to take on the challenge of chasing Coues bucks in during any of the seasons, give us a call and join us in camp this year!


* The August - September timeframe also gives you the option to hunt multiple species. OTC Black Bear, Mountain Lion and Turkey seasons coincide. There is considerable range overlap between species. When choosing to pursue multiple species, ambush style hunting over water sources from blinds is that tactic of choice.

* Early January hunts may be combined with a draw Javelina hunt, if the units coincide. If wishing to hunt Javelina, Deer, or both please consult us before applying for the Spring Javelina draw.

Archery Mule Deer Hunts

Mule Deer harvest limits will be extreme low in the majority of units, potentially limiting opportunity to only the earliest seasons in much of the state. Prolonged drought, habitat encroachment, and previous unrestricted harvest has taken its toll on our Mule Deer over the last decade. Despite the added difficulty, the state still produces numerous good Mule Deer hunting opportunities. 


Our season preference breakdown for Mule Deer follows the same guidelines as for Coues Whitetails. Annual cycles for both deer types are very similar with often coinciding velvet, pre-rut, and rut timeframes. In northern and higher elevation units Mule Deer will often begin the rut significantly earlier than in the Southern low desert units. 

The main concern with OTC Mule Deer hunting is going to be the minimal harvest thresholds, resulting in unit closure. In units with both species, Mule Deer limits may be one-third to one-twelfth of what the Coues limits represent. With an entirely new system, we can only theorize which units will be open during which timeframes. It is going to be a wait-and-see scenario.

If you would like the opportunity to hunt Mule Deer in one of the many unique Arizona environments and take on the challenges of a stick and string, lets hit the hills together! 

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