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Black Bear | Coues Whitetail | Elk | Mule Deer

Bighorn Sheep | Javelina | Mountain Lion | Pronghorn


Success is hard work, here is some of what ours looks like. Not every hunt affords us the opportunity to put together a cohesive video, but for the hunts that do we get to share the adventure with others. The variety of landscapes, game species, and experiences we have been able to capture through the lens of a camera while hunting is incredible. Videoing hunts has preserved a part of the many difficulties and accomplishments we have made while hunting and guiding throughout Arizona. Check out our hunt categories below; Black Bear, Coues Whitetail, Elk, Mule Deer, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Javelina, Mountain Lion, and Pronghorn. 

Black Bear
Arizona Bear Hunting

Arizona's Black Bears are by far the most challenging species in the state to repeatedly and successfully hunt without the aid of dogs or bait. Over the last decade we have become familiar with black bear behavior, habitat preferences, and developing our own highly effective techniques to consistently find bears. One of the major challenges while hunting black bears in Arizona is the extreme variety in terrain they inhabit, the availability of food resources, and the extreme ruggedness of their preferred habitat.

Arizona Spring Rifle Black Bear

Arizona black bear hunting in the mountains of central Arizona during the 2018 Arizona Spring rifle black bear season. Cole takes a chocolate color-phased bear in the backcountry.

Arizona Bear
Hunting the Dark Ghost

Guide, Dillon Currie and hunter, Mike Johnson hunt over-the-counter Arizona black bears. Mike and Dillon both fill their tags with color-phase bears.

El Oso

Arizona Spring Archery Bear

An action packed 2017 archery Spring Arizona black bear hunting adventure, Dillon Currie takes a color-phase boar with the help or Aaron Largo and Cole Kemp.


Arizona Black Bear Hunting

The CTK team spends the 2017 Arizona black bear hunting season in rugged, remote canyons and high deserts on multiple over-the-counter rifle bear hunts.

Coues Whitetail Hunting

Sly and stealthy, the Coues whitetail deer of Arizona are a champion of many landscapes. They are uniquely equip to thrive in terrain throughout the southwest that no other species seems to do so ubiquitously. From the Southeastern Arizona oak woodlands, Sonoran desert valleys,  and Pinyon-Juniper forests, all the way to the Ponderosa Pine and Douglas fir timber of the Northern half of the state. Coues are the king of deer in the Southwest

Coues Whitetail


Arizona Coues Whitetail Hunt

Dillon Currie and Keegan Mitchell spend a weekend in the wilderness hunting Arizona Coues deer. A short backpack hunt with an AR-15 in hand, Dillon accomplishes his goal of filling his tag with his Ruger AR556 rifle. 


Muzzleloader Coues Whitetail

Tanner and Cole Kemp both take muzzleloader deer on a general season any-antlered-deer hunt. Tanner is able to take an ancient Coues buck at 20 yards with his black powder rifle.

DoublEd UP

Rifle Arizona Coues Whitetail

The Kemp Brothers kill two bucks on their Arizona rifle Coues whitetail hunt


2013-2014 Super Raffle Coues

Bill Kenny fills his 2013-2014 Arizona Super Raffle tag with CHASE'N THE KING on a 126" velvet giant during his Arizona Coues whitetail hunt. 

Arizona Elk Hunting

Antlered giants, our Arizona bull elk are some of the largest in the world. Calling home to much of Eastern, Central, and Northern Arizona these behemoths can be a chore to pack out. Bugling bulls in late September and October is an experience incomparable to any other. The vocalizations of bull elk during the rut are nearly prehistoric in sound, from a time when creatures of legend inhabited the earth. 


A Road to redemption
3A-3C Early Rifle Bull Elk

Travis takes his dream bull with CTK Guides Jake Bolwar and Dillon Currie in Arizona Unit 3A-3C.


22S Muzzleloader Bull Elk

Doug takes his biggest bull to date 22S muzzleloader hunting with guide Dillon Currie of CHASE'N THE KING, LLC.  


Arizona Rifle Bull Elk

Dillon Currie guides Jeff while Arizona rifle elk hunting during his early season tag. The majority of the hunt was spent battling the elements as a tropical storm drown the unit with rain for half of the hunt. 


5A Arizona Archery Bull Elk

Chase'n The King Team member Aaron Largo fills his tag on an Arizona archery elk hunt in the Mogollon Rim Country unit 5A of Central Arizona on his second consecutive early Arizona Bull Elk tag.


AZ Late Season Bull Elk Hunt

Shane takes a mature 6x7 on his late rifle Arizona elk hunt on opening morning of the general 5B rifle season with CHASE'N THE KING guide Dillon Currie.


AZ September Archery Elk

Russ Johnson is Arizona archery elk hunting with guide Dillon Currie when he takes his personal best bull.


AZ Bull Elk Hunting

A season of Arizona Elk Hunting and scouting with CHASE'N THE KING, LLC.


Arizona Archery Bull Elk

CHASE'N THE KING's Cole Kemp has an exciting Arizona archery elk hunt during the early season bull elk rut.

Late AZ Bull Elk

Long December

CTK Owner Dillon Currie fills the freezer on a late rifle elk hunt in unit 22 North during his limited available days between other hunts. 

Arizona Mule Deer Hunting

Mule deer are indigenous only to Western North America. They range throughout all of Arizona's game management units. North of the Mogollon Rim mule deer fall under the Rocky Mountain subspecies. Below the the rim reside the Desert subspecies. Both types of mule deer are readily hunted throughout the state during both draw-rifle hunts and over-the-counter archery hunts.

Mule Deer


Dwellers of the Southwest

A season of Arizona mule deer hunting and scouting with CHASE'N THE KING, LLC.

Early Kaibab

Mule Deer Hunting

A season of Arizona mule deer hunting and scouting with CHASE'N THE KING, LLC.

Arizona Bighorn Sheep Hunting

Bighorn sheep are possibly the most sought after animals in all of the world. Arizona is home to both Desert and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep species. These once-in-a-lifetime hunts often bring to fruition decades of anticipation from the hunters fortunate enough to draw their tags. Bighorn sheep our a modern conservation success story. These hunts are a direct result of the efforts of hunters protecting species and their critical habitat.

Bighorn Sheep

Monarch Part 1

AZ Desert Bighorn Sheep

Richard Currie takes his Once-In-A-Litetime Cabeza Prieta Desert Bighorn Sheep on an 11 day Wilderness Backpack Hunt. 

Monarch Part 2

Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep

Richard Currie take his Once-In-A-Litetime Cabeza Prieta Desert Bighorn Sheep on an 11 day Wilderness Backpack Hunt. 


Javelina or Collared Peccary are North America's biological equivalent to old-world pigs. Although genetically unrelated to pigs, Javelina exhibit many physical and behavioral similarities with them. Javelina are considered big game animals in the state of Arizona. We have multiple seasons including archery, handgun, muzzleloader, and rifle throughout the year. 


Cowboy Cannons

Arizona Javelina Hunting

The CTK crew hunts Javelina in Central Arizona.


Mountain lion

A key predator, it is essential to effectively managed mountain lion on a landscape. The use of hounds allows for the selective take of mature mountain lions in the state of Arizona. Mountain lions, just like Black Bears, are managed through a system of mandatory harvest reporting and female harvest limits. Once the female harvest limit within a geographic area has been met, hunting is closed for the remainder of the season. Harvest thresholds are set to insure a balanced population of predator and prey species.

Mountain Lion


Arizona Mountain Lion Hunt 

Dillon Currie hunts Mountain Lion in central Arizona with the help of Dale Robertson and his Wild Heritage hounds.



An artifact of the last ice age the American Antelope or North American Pronghorn is it's owe unique species. Built to out run the now extinct prehistoric American Cheetah and other fast predators, pronghorn appear nearly alien in a modern ecosystem. Antelope reside in grassland habitats throughout the state of Arizona.


Arizona Pronghorn

Slow Walks & Fast Goats

We hunt Pronghorn Antelope in the grasslands of Northern Arizona.

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