It is more than just a hunt. CHASE'N THE KING is based on the idea that hunting is not just about the kill. It is the chase and take of monarchs that reside far from where the average hunter would pursue them. We live, breathe, and bleed hunting. Year round, full time. The saguaro and ocotillo filled desert to the towering ponderosa pine forests. We hunt every bit of Arizona's diverse and brutal landscape. We are a big game hunt outfitting and guiding business, specializing in Arizona Black Bear, Coues Whitetail, Elk, and Mule Deer hunts. We are based on respect, to the quarry we chase and to God. Together we share a life long passion for the outdoors, hunting, scouting, and exploring new country. Success in the outdoors during a hunt is not simply about the kill or filling a tag. These things are merely the result of continued and driven work, an ethic born not of need but of an innate love and passion for God’s creation. Success is rather the journey that required the work, it is the chase.


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Meet The Team

Dillon Currie

An Arizona native and successful western big game hunter, Dillon is a licensed hunting guide in the state of Arizona. Hunting, fishing, and the outdoors have been integral throughout life, inspired by his family. Dillon's passion for the hunt has turned his personal success as a hunter into the opportunity to help others achieve their goals. Dillon is the Owner of Chase'n The King LLC; with 15 years of  big game hunting experience, Dillon has successfully guided and hunted across much of the state of Arizona. Dillon specializes in Black Bear, Coues Whitetail Deer, Elk, and Mule Deer, having both personally harvested and successfully guided each of these big game species in Arizona. Dillon has a degree in Agribusiness Economics and Management from the University of Arizona. Currently Dillon is a Big Game Hunting Guide and Outfitter in Arizona as well as a Cabinetry Installer with JBE Custom Cabinetry/ Carpentry. 

Cole Kemp

Cole Kemp is an Arizona native who has a passion for the outdoors. AKA Red Hawk on the radio he spent his college years fly fishing and chasing big game in Northern Arizona. He quickly discovered the uniqueness of desert hunting and committed himself to chasing Arizona Coues Deer. His chase is driven by his fascination for their challenging hunt and habitat. He grew up in a family of hunters and is continuing their legacy by chasing Arizona game year in year out. He gives thanks and is blessed by the opportunity the Lord has given him to harvest and be a part of several successful hunting adventures. Cole Kemp is a licensed hunting guide in Arizona and has been hunting and guiding with the CTK crew for more than half a decade.

Daniel Drown

Daniel's bio will go here when he or his wife sends it to me... He's great at killing things.

Patrick Gonzales

Pat's bio will go here when he sends it to me... The only known information is that he is dangerous and likes IPAs.

Nick Woods

Nick's bio will go here once I get motivated to edit it... He has a strong back and is highly motivated.

Aaron Largo

Aaron largo has lived in Arizona his entire life and has learned his passion of hunting big game from family and acquaintances who have hunted big game in Arizona since the 1970’s. Aaron has his degree in Plant Science and is an expert in recognizing wild food sources. Aaron has established a local group “Arizona Bear Hunting” in efforts to provide knowledge, information, and ethics for those who are learning to hunt Arizona’s apex predator, the Black Bear. Currently, Aaron is constantly trying to obtain the most up to date information and methods of black bear hunting to provide to the public spending the majority of his time in two of Arizona’s premiere hunting units, 22 and 23.

Hank Towers

Hank Towers is also an Arizona native and avid outdoorsman. As a former international athlete and coach, Hank believes that dedication and perseverance in all conditions will always be the key to success. In maintaining his love for athleticism, he has taken to mountain biking and is continually exploring new areas both on foot and on two wheels. Growing up, he hunted the arid and unforgiving landscape of the Arizona desert with his father, and over the last 6 years he has been expanding his knowledge of big game hunting in Arizona’s more premier hunting units located in the more central and northern parts of the state. Hank is at home in any part of Arizona’s diverse and brutal landscapes and the goal of taking Arizona’s “Big 10” keeps him pushing beyond the average.

Tanner Kemp

Tanner Kemp has called Arizona home for most of his life, coming from five generations of sportsman who have hunted this beautiful state. He is a former Arizona FFA State Officer, an avid Bass fishermen, photographer, and hunter. Tanner is the lead camera man and creative editor for the CTK crew.

Cole McGuire

Cole McGuire is an Arizona native with a passion for the outdoors. Recently Cole received his certification as an RN. He is a former math education teacher, runs an after school program promoting fitness for youth, is a level 1 crossfit trainer/coach, and hunter.  Cole believes physical fitness and hunting go hand-in-hand. He uses his passions of fitness, outdoors, and hunting to strive to be a successful wildlife conservationist.  Currently, Cole is developing his skills as a hunter and continues to learn more about his passion and would like to become a licensed hunting guide in the future.

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