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  • Dillon Currie

CHASE'N THE KING: Behind the Name

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

We live, breathe, and bleed hunting. Year round, full time. The saguaro and ocotillo filled desert to the towering ponderosa pine forests. We hunt every bit of Arizona's diverse and brutal landscape. We are a big game hunt outfitting and guiding business, specializing in Arizona Black Bear, Coues Whitetail, Elk, and Mule Deer hunts. We are based on respect, to the quarry we chase and to God. Together we share a lifelong passion for the outdoors, hunting, scouting, and exploring new ground. Success in the outdoors during a hunt is not simply about the kill or filling a tag. These things are merely the result of continued and driven work.

Every so often, someone inquires about the name of my business. What does it mean? What is the significance of the name? A brief conversation typically receives the simple answer that "I wanted to include a portion of my name in the business name. My middle name, after all, is Chase." I did not want to follow the traditional route many outfitters take when creating eponymous business names and simply create a "my-last-name outfitters." The name "CHASE'N THE KING" took more than a year to create, with much thought and prayer. The business and the brand surrounding it needed to have significant meaning and depth. It was to be the embodiment of a long term vision and not to be decided upon hastily. The name was meant to incorporate many different ideas into one cohesive and identifiable title, distinct from anything else of its kind.

CTK is based on the idea that hunting is not just about the kill. It is about the chase and take of monarchs that reside far from where the average hunter would pursue them. The most blatant meaning conveyed through "CHASE'N THE KING" is the interpretation as "Chasing-the-King." Our passion encompasses many species but one of our primary focuses has been the pursuit of black bears throughout the state. In our eyes, bears are the kings of our rugged Arizona landscapes. It is the species that in many ways defines the brand. They exist and thrive in a veritable network of rugged and beautiful habitat. Effortlessly making a living in many of the most scenic and secluded wild places our state contains within it. It is common parlance that any old and iconic animal roaming the West is referred to as a "monarch" from well worn bears or sheep commanding their authority over a rugged mountain range to drool worthy mule deer and screaming bulls amongst the junipers and timber. The concept of referring to wildlife with the authority of aristocracy is well established. It is fitting as an outfit that we would chase after kings.

We are based on respect, to the quarry we chase and to God. The aforementioned description of the name was intended from its origins but it ignores the obvious and distinct use of an apostrophe in the name. CHASE'N THE KING is not an incorrectly punctuated and misspelled contraction of "Chasing the King." It is, in fact, a shortening of "Chase and the King." The King referenced here is Jesus Christ. This is incorporated into every species logo associated with the brand by the integrating of the symbol of the cross within the negative space between design elements. It's an outward acknowledgment of my personal faith and the significance of it. Faith in the Lord underscores not only my personal life and fundamentals but is integral in everything. Including the foundational principles for how our business operates and those principles that unite all of us associated with the brand. It's not meant as some sort of holier-than-thou statement but rather a symbol that our purpose, direction, and actions are subject to a higher authority. "Chase and the King'' is a phrase representing my personal walk and struggles with God. It is always an active pursuit, no different than a hunt. A hunt for relationship, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. It was important from the outset to include biblical allusion within the name of the company, an idea born of an innate love and passion for God’s creation.

Fundamentally the name was able to combine aspects of each of the significant elements I sought to bring together. The double meaning of “Chase” as an eponymous title and in the form of the action of pursuit. Followed by reference to Christ as King and secondarily to wildlife monarchs. The original artistic style of each of my hand designed logos along with the simplistic name CHASE’N THE KING fulfilled the requirement as an identifiable and unique brand title. When we make reference to the importance of hunting within our lives it is captured within.


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