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Unit 3A-3C Early Rifle Bull Elk: Hunt Overview

The 3A-3C early season elk hunts have been consistent producers of many of the highest quality bulls killed in Arizona each year. Undoubtedly, this unit is for those serious about chasing big bulls. The region is made up of pine forest, juniper woodland, and open grassland. Much of the 3C portion was burned in the Rodeo-Chediski Fire in 2001 and has since been repopulated with new forest growth. The Southern edge of 3C borders the White Mountain Apache Tribal lands along the 7200 foot Mogollon Rim, at the highest reaches of the unit. The terrain descends gradually Northward to just under 6000 feet in elevation. Gentle canyons, open country, and ample National Forest access make 3A-3C a physically moderate hunting experience when compared to other nearby "Trophy" class Game Management Units such as 1, 27, 23 North, and 23 South.

*Check out our Elk Hunt Application Picks page for info on our preferred draw choices for the year.*

During the 2022 3A-3C early rifle elk hunt our team was able to assist Travis with filling his tag. The hunt might have been short but it did not lack in epic drama. Hunting rarely goes according to script and requires you to constantly reevaluate your approach in order to be successful and to make the best reasonable effort to dispatch an animal quickly. Hunting is real, it is a juxtaposition of patience and caution at some moments and tactical bold movements at others. In a high stakes game every decision matters. We played the hand we were dealt and played it right. In the end Travis came home with the bull of his dreams and a story he will forever remember in vivid detail. Check out his hunt with us below.

What does it take to draw a 3A-3C Early Rifle Bull Elk tag?

Get ready to wait! If you have less than 27 bonus points as a Non-Resident you're stuck in less last single digit draw odds. Residents are in the same boat up until the 24 point threshold. However, 80% of the tags will be allocated randomly during the draw. Anyone can draw at any time. As of writing this hunt-overview we have yet to guide anyone who has had to reach the Max Bonus Point pool to draw a tag for this hunt, they have all drawn out of that 80% random pool. For more on how the draw works check out: Understanding The Arizona Big Game Draw and Application Process.

How does the unit 3A-3C Elk hunt compare to others?

This hunt is in the upper echelon of quality for trophy Arizona Elk hunting. With the appropriate approach, scouting, and a bit of good fortune it is well within reason to take a bull in the 340-380" class and potentially bigger. This is in large part due to the quality of the area, management prescriptions, and age-class. If you are looking to hunt once-in-a-lifetime type bulls, the 3A-3C hunt should be a major consideration.

For more information about applying or if you drew a tag and would like to utilize our services contact Dillon Currie (623) 606-3364 or The Arizona Elk Draw Deadline is the second Tuesday in June, each year. Do not miss out on your chance to hunt Arizona giants!


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