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Unit 4B Early Archery Bull Elk: Hunt Overview

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Arizona Game Management Unit (GMU) 4B lies atop the Mogollon Rim. The majority of elk hunt habitat in 4B is within the boundaries of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in the Southern one third. This area of Forest within 4B is defined to the South by State Highway 260. Highway 277 and 377 marks the Eastern edge. Along the Western front Chevelon Canyon plunges deep into the plateau forming a formidable staircase of rock and dense timber. Chevelon Creek separates 4B from 4A. The Northernmost Forest boundary abuts a checkerboard of state and private lands that encompass the northern two-thirds of 4B.

Ponderosa pine forest mixed with juniper and various oak species cover the bulk of the elk habitat between 6000 and 7500 feet in elevation. The terrain in unit 4B trends from South to North with various canyon complexes slicing through the rocky foundation and draining Northward towards the Colorado River. The higher, cooler, wetter, and more forested areas are closest to the edge of the Colorado Plateau on the Southern end of GMU 4B. Due to the prominence of the Mogollon Rim and its annual precipitation, areas to the North exist in a rain-shadow making them warm and dry. The same geographic, floral, faunal, and hydrological trends can be seen in all of the neighboring Elk hunt units along the Rim including 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A and 3C.

How does the Unit 4B Archery Elk Hunt compare to other units?

We have been hunting 4B for many years and have come to enjoy it as an under rated bull elk unit; providing an effective balance between draw odds, physical difficulty, elk density, and elk quality. Tag numbers during the early archery season are moderate allowing for less hunter on hunter competition and more focus on chasing screaming bulls. Due to the ideal terrain and elk numbers, behavior and rut activity have been consistent over the years we have hunted in 4B. Much like the surrounding units the National Forest area allows for great access throughout. You wont be escaping the roads and trails by slipping into a federally designated wilderness but there are plenty of steep canyons easily traversed while day hiking and following bulls. With the right approach getting the opportunity to take a 280-330" class bull is a fair expectation to have in the mid-tier unit. There is always to possibility of encountering bigger bulls like Jim's 360" class bruiser! You can learn more about that hunt by checking out the hunt story Grinder: 4B Archery AZ Bull Elk.

How many Bonus Points does it take to draw a unit 4B Early Archery Elk tag?

If you're a Resident, expect needing 11+ Bonus Points to guarantee a tag, for Non-Residents it's 13+. As with any hunt, 80% of the tags will be allocated in a random drawing which gives every applicant a shot at drawing every year. For more information on how the Arizona Elk Draw operates check out: Understanding the Arizona Big Game Draw and Application Process.

Whether you're looking to apply for hunts or if you drew a tag and our outfit can be of service to you please call, text, or email Dillon Currie (623) 606-3364 or Join us for an archery bull elk hunting experience in 4B.

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