The Adventurer's Hunt

No animal is more iconic to the American wilderness than the bear. Creatures of legend, lore, and terror alike. The black bears of Arizona reside in some of the most scenic and untouched wild places in the Southwest. The pursuit of these incredibly intelligent and adaptable creatures truly is the adventurer's hunt. Affordable spot-and-stalk black bear hunts in the West share many similarities to the most expensive and sought after of all big game pursuits, the wild sheep. Mountainous rugged terrain, captivating environments, and a species that effortless lives amongst them. Arizona black bears provide the once-in-a-lifetime thrill and challenge, without the high price tag. We, at Chase'n The King, would love to take you on your own black bear hunting adventure. You can join us in the Arizona high country this Summer or Fall!

Modern Conservation Success

During the early periods of western settlement the bears were persecuted heavily, seen primarily as potential stock killers and a nuisance. In 1929 black bears in Arizona received protections under a new "game code" with a bag limited of (1) annually. In 1980 the Arizona Game and Fish instituted mandatory check-out procedures. Documenting the location of harvest, age class, sex, and in subsequent years cataloging DNA samples. This investment in the species by the Department, funded by hunters, has been a modern conservation success, restoring their range and numbers, and providing accurate data for management, insuring the population's health and future within the state. This successful management affords us ample opportunity to chase bears in prime habitat.

OTC Black Bear Hunts

Unlike many other species in Arizona, black bear tags are available Over-The-Counter. No need to draw a tag. Black bear hunting spot-and-stalk style is our specialty. Our guided bear hunts occur in August and October. During both seasons we hunt bears as they utilize the various food sources in the high deserts and mountains. These hunts are expected to be physically challenging as we pursue bruins on the steep slopes of canyons and Wilderness. All of our bear hunts are "fully-outfitted" meaning we provide a full camp, meals, drinks, and an expert fully licensed, insured, and permitted guide. Will you be joining us this season on the vast National Forests of Arizona chasing bruins? 

Booking Your Bear Hunt

We have more hunt information and a full gallery of bear photos available on our black bear hunting page. Your spot for the 2020 season is waiting! You can contact Chase'n The King owner Dillon Currie directly by Email:, phone: (623) 606-3364 or in the contact form below to begin planning your bear hunting adventure!