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Mule Deer are the legends of the West. Offering a wide range in country, the state of Arizona has Mule Deer across the state. Most well known are the giants of the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau, however trophy Mule Deer live throughout the low deserts and mountains of the rest of the state. They are one of our most wide ranging big game species. CHASE'N THE KING's Arizona Mule Deer Guides hunt throughout the public lands of Arizona.



Licensed guide, all meals, drinks, snacks, lodging, field care of game, camp equipment, and all items necessary for outfitting this hunt will be provided. The Hunter is responsible for their weapon and all personal items and clothing needed for this hunt. 5, 7,10, and 14 day packages are available for both 1 on1 and 2 on 1 hunts

        Resident Hunting License (37)

Non-Resident Hunting License (160)

          Resident Draw Tag (58)

 Non-Resident Draw Tag (315)

          Resident OTC Tag (45)

 Non-Resident OTC Tag (300)


Base Hunt Price*


7 Day 1X1 (4200)

7 Day 2X1 (3300)

savings of 900/hunter vs 1x1


Base Hunt Price*


7 Day 1X1 (3500)

7 Day 2X1 (2700)

savings of 800/hunter vs 1x1


This package is similar to the gold package except that you will be providing your own camp & food. Licensed guide and field care of game are included, other aspects and details of the hunt would fall under the Gold Package. 5, 7,10, and 14 day packages are available for both 1 on1 and 2 on 1 hunts.


Rifle Mule Deer Hunts:

Mule Deer are widespread throughout Arizona. They exist as two distinct but not exclusively separated sub-species. Both sub-species of Mule Deer exhibit the same general characteristics and behavior. Our state offer ample opportunity to hunt trophy quality Mule Deer in almost every unit in Arizona, general season rifle tags begin in late October and run through mid-November. The late season “rut” hunts run from late November to early December depending on the particular unit. Many of the central and southwestern Arizona Desert Mule Deer hunts are easy to draw with very few bonus points. Northern Arizona Rocky mountain Mule Deer tags may take multiple years, if not decades to acquire. Draw tags for Arizona Mule Deer are available through the Arizona Game and Fish Mid-Winter Draw. The deer draw application annually is the second Tuesday in June.

Archery Mule Deer Hunts:

Over-The-Counter tags are available for archery seasons in August-September, December, and January throughout much of the state.​ The early season August-September archery hunts allow for the unique opportunity of harvesting a velvet Mule Deer in much of the central portions of Arizona. Late season archery hunts take place during the pre-rut and rut phases in both December and January. Late season hunts can be the best time to see Mule Deer interaction and activity. All of the archery seasons also offer ample hunting opportunity by allowing you to take either a Mule Deer or Coues Whitetail with your bow. The late season, particularly January can be a phenomenal time to hunt the low desert portions of Southwestern AZ for true Desert bucks, among the Saguaro cactus and creosote flats. 

How do I Get a Tag?

Most rifle Arizona Mule Deer Tags must be applied for and drawn through the AZGFD Mid-Winter Draw System. General Season tags in the central and southern parts of the state may be draw with little or no points! Non-Permit or Over-The-Counter (OTC) tags can be purchased at any tag retailer across the state. These are good for Archery only seasons throughout the year. If you have questions regarding the Arizona Mule Deer draw process, or Archery Tags contact us. More information is also available in our Blog post: Understanding Arizona’s Big Game Draw and Application Process.

When does the Draw Happen?

The Mid-Winter Draw takes place annually the second Tuesday in June, the next draw deadline in June 11th, 2019. Don’t miss it! Contact us for any application or hunt questions.

How long are the Hunts?

Arizona general season rifle Mule Deer hunts are typically 7 to 10 days in length for the late October and November seasons. December tags can run for up to three weeks depending upon the year and calendar shift. Archery Mule Deer hunts can be booked in 5,7,10, or 14-day increments during any of the three Over-The-Counter seasons. Hunt date will vary based on which hunt is applied for and drawn.


About the Units:


Desert Mule Deer Units exits below the Mogollon Rim of Central Arizona down to the floor of the Sonoran Desert to the South. These deer live in a landscape dominated by cacti, creosote, Palo Verde trees, and other flora distinct to the Sonoran desert region. Arizona Desert Mule Deer in the low country tend to roam over vast expanses of country sometimes, covering a home range of several dozen square miles. The desert sub-specie does not participate in large, annual, weather dependent migrations like its northern cousins on the Kaibab Plateau in Arizona. The Desert Mule Deer of central and southwestern AZ rut later in the year than Rocky Mountain Mule Deer of Northern Arizona and other intermountain states. The rut begins in late December and runs throughout the month of January.


Rocky Mountain Mule Deer Units are to the North, they inhabitants of the legendary Arizona Strip, Kaibab Plateau, and the area to the South of the Grand Canyon, above the Mogollon Rim. These areas have produced some of the largest Rocky Mountain Mule Deer ever taken in North America. The habitat of Northern Arizona is a mix of sage flats, cliff rose, juniper, ponderosa pine and spectacular canyon lands. The Kaibab Plateau deer heard preforms an annual migration to its winter range in late November in preparation for the winter snows. Rocky Mountain Mule Deer of Northern AZ represent the iconic western image of large bodied mule deer in the rugged mountainous West.

Booking Information:

Hunt with us and chase after one of the most well know and well respected big game animals of the West! ​To book a Mule Deer hunt today or for more information on Draw Tags or OTC Tags contact Dillon Currie (623) 606-3364 or Email




Hunting Arizona Mule Deer

An early season hunt in 2015 on the Kaibab Plateau with hunter Barry Julian provided spectacular view and great memories. With only a short time to hunt Barry took his first ever Kaibab Mule Deer. The Plateau offers some of the most exiting Northern Mule Deer hunting the West has to offer with an incredibly high deer density and potential for giants. 

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Mule Deer tags are available through the AZGFD Mid-Winter Drawing or for some archery hunts Over-The-Counter. Hunts are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you want to hunt the best seasons and areas, talk with us early to go over the application and draw process. Upon booking a 50% deposit is required to hold your upcoming hunt spot. For information on season dates, openings, and pricing contact us at (623) 606-3364 or Email if messaging us below, please specify which species and hunt you are interested in.